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Welcome to Vegusto! - 100% plant-based alternatives to meat and cheese!

Partnerships, Franchises

We produce 100% plant-based, vegan products and export to many European Vegusto country partners, who distribute Vegusto exclusively in their local market. If you would like more information about this exclusive form of cooperation as a future country partner of Vegusto, find more information here.

Vegusto in your Shop

If Vegusto is not yet sold in your country, you can contact us for receiving small quantities from one of our country partners. In that case you will conveniently receive Vegusto per mail order.

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Pfeil About Vegusto

Since 1997, the family-owned Vegi-Service AG has exclusively developed and distributed 100% plant-based foods. To emphasize that gourmet food and vegetarianism can go hand in hand, the brand Vegusto (VE = Vegetarian & GUSTO = taste) was created. The wide range of more than 60 Vegusto faux meat and cheese alternatives makes for a tasty, well balanced and quick meal with countless variations.

Vegusto products are available via direct mail order only. Please visit our online shop, where you will find vegetarian (vegan) cat and dog food as well.

Vegusto meat alternatives are made from wheat protein. The No-Moo range is gluten and soya free and consist of potatoes and rice. All products are seasoned ready to serve and equally delicious served hot or cold.

More than 50 products are waiting to be discovered!

Vegetarian (vegan) alternatives to cheese
401 [400] 401 [401 402 [402] 403 [403] 404 [404] 405 [405]
No-Moo Classic No-Moo Herb No-MooWalnut No-Moo Piquant No-Moo Mild-aromatic No-Moo Melty
409 [409] 410 [410] Do you have a shop
and would like to offer
the well known meat and cheese
alternatives from Vegusto?
We also deliver small quantities to resellers.
In this case you will receive Vegusto per postal service.
Do you require large quantities? Even better. We also deliver palettes with chilled transport. Just contact us.
No-Moo Fondue No-Moo Snack        

Vegetarian (vegan) burgers made of wheat protein
10 [10] 11 [11] 12 [12] 13 [13]    
Classic Burger Mexican Burger Tomato Burger Mushroom & No-Moo Burger    

Vegetarian (vegan) sausages made of wheat protein
20 [20] 21 [21] 22 [22] 23 [23] 24 [24] 25 [25]
Majoram sausage Onion sausage Farm-style sausage Curry sausage Pepp sausage Wiener sausage
26 [26] 27 [27] 58 [58]      
Bianca sausage Bianca-Rosso sausage Country-style sausage      

Vegetarian (vegan) Luncheon Roll made of wheat protein
30 [30] 31 [31] 32 [32] 33 [33]    
Majestra Luncheon Roll Cerlyone Luncheon Roll Affumato Luncheon Roll Deluxe Luncheon Roll    

Vegetarian (vegan) sandwich slices made of wheat protein
40 [40] 41 [41] 42 [42] 43 [43] 44 [44] 46 [46]
Cerlyone Sandwich Slices Affumato Sandwich Slices Deli Sandwich Slices Dill Sandwich Slices Excotic Sandwich Slices Mediterranean Sandwich Slices
47 [47] 48 [48] 49 [49]      
Paprika Sandwich Slices Brunch Sandwich Slices Deluxe Sandwich Slices      

Vegetarian (vegan) roasts and deli slices made of wheat protein
50 [50] 51 [51] 59 [59]      
Rustic Roast Porcino Roast Rolled Roast      
52 [52] 45 [45] 53 [53]      
Deli Slices, Classic Deli Slices, Italian Deli Slices, Delicate      
55 [55] 57 [57] 74 [74] 54 [54]    
Veggie Mince Mini-Burger India Deli Slices, Vital Hungarian-style Veggie Strips    

Vegetarian (vegan) Schnitzel
65 [65] 66 [66] 67 [67]      
Vegi-Schnitzel, Plain Vegi-Schnitzel, Paprika Vegi-Schnitzel, Pepper      

Spicy vegetarian (vegan) salami-alternative made of wheat protein
60 [60] 61 [61] 62 [62]      
Hotsami Maxi-sausage Hotsami Sandwich Slices Mildsami Sausage      

Vegetarian (vegan) sauce preparations
71 [71] 72 [72] 73 [73]      
Vegi-Dip with B12 Vegi-Dip Garlic Vegi-Dip Hollandaise      

Vegetarian (vegan) pâtés
77 [77] 78 [78]        
Smooth Spread Deli Spread        

Vegusto saison
56 [56]   75 [75] 76 [76] 406 [406]  
Festive Roast   Wild Garlic Sausage Wild Garlic Mini-burger No-Moo Season  

Vegusto cat and dog food
100 [100] 101 [101] 102 [102] 103 [103] 107 [107]  
Vegusto-Cat Fix, portioned Vegusto-Cat Fix Vegusto-Cat,
Vegusto-Cat Red, portioned Vegusto-Cat Red  
104 [104] 105 [105]        
Vegusto-Dog Classic, Maxi-sausage Vegusto-Dog Rice, Maxi-sausage        

Comments about Vegusto's products

«The first thought I had after tasting them was Oh.My.God.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «I’d heard really good things about the Vegusto cheese products and have to say I was impressed.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «So this is what everyone went NUTS over. It's hard cheese from Vegusto...According to everyone that came into contact with this cheese, it is AMAZING. Apparently it has a rich aged cheese taste, so if you love hard cheese seek this out at all costs.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «I immediately honed in on the Vegusto stall as I've tried their No-Muh-Chas melty cheese before and it's seriously good. They had a huge selection & I came home with some fondue, 2 tubes of melty cheese, parmesan snack cheese & 2 blocks of cheese, Walnut & Mildly Aromatic.   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «I had the most amazing vegan cheese from Switzerland called Vegusto... if anyone is listening and wants to make a million dollars, strike some sort of deal with that company and bring it to the US. It will change your life.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «Oh my god that vegusto is amazing! Better than daiya! Yum!»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «The only vegan cheese that I can stand is Vegusto No-Muh.»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

  «Wasn't very hungry this evening after such a big lunch but tasted the Vegusto cheese and was wowed!»   link .... found on: 30.3.2011

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